November 1, 2013

WHEREAS, the 2010 US Census data indicates North Carolina is home to more than 122,000 American Indians, the largest American Indian population east of the Mississippi River; with 14,000 years of Indians and tradition: we’re still here; and

WHEREAS, American Indians stand among America's most distinguished authors, artists, scientists, and political leaders, and in their accomplishments, they have profoundly strengthened the legacy we will leave our children; we’re still here; and

WHEREAS, American Indians and Alaska Natives bravely fought to protect this legacy as members of our Armed Forces; as service members, they have shown exceptional valor and heroism on battlefields from the American Revolution to the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, we’re still here; and

WHEREAS, American Indians have demonstrated time and again their commitment to advancing our common goals, preserving American Indian culture and heritage, we’re still here; and

WHEREAS, this month, we celebrate the rich heritage and myriad contributions of American Indians and Alaska Natives, and we rededicate ourselves to supporting tribal sovereignty, tribal self-determination, and prosperity for all Native Americans, as a way of remembering, we’re still here; and 

WHEREAS, we will seek to strengthen our nation-to-nation relationship by ensuring tribal nations have a voice in shaping national policies impacting tribal communities in a profound way; we’re still here; and

WHEREAS, I call upon all of the citizens, institutions, and government agencies to commemorate this month with appropriate programs, celebrations and activities of the American Indian population honoring their heritage and contributions as they are truly North Carolina’s First People, we’re still here;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, PAT McCRORY, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim November 2013, as “AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH” in North Carolina, and commend its observance to all citizens.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State of North Carolina at the Capitol in Raleigh this seventeenth day of October in the year of our Lord two thousand and thirteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-eighth.


PAT McCRORY