State Personnel Office Implements Strategic Pay Increases

  • January 22, 2014 • Personnel

    Raleigh, NC - The Office of State Human Resources has implemented pay raises authorized by the General Assembly for employees in high-demand professions such as medicine, accounting, auditing and information technology. The salary adjustments were authorized to reduce turnover.

    In all, 3,221 state employees will get an average 4.2 percent salary increase. Approximately 1,200 nurses and 600 law enforcement employees will receive increases up to 4 percent while the remainder of employees will receive varying increases of up to 10 percent.

    The increases were authorized by the comprehensive budget bill signed by the governor. Approximately $7.5 million was allocated to address market conditions, job responsibility changes and pay equity. The state’s universities did not receive monies from this salary adjustment because these institutions have access to other funding resources.

    Money to address market conditions was used to bring pay for certain state jobs closer to the salaries being paid to the private sector. Job change monies will be used for employees who assumed greater job responsibilities but have not been compensated because of a salary freeze. Funds will also be used to lessen the wage disparity between similarly qualified employees who are performing comparable duties.

    The majority of the funds, 73 percent, went to address market conditions while 24 percent remedied job changes and 2 percent was used for job equity.