ICYMI: Wall Street Journal: How to Keep Workers Unemployed

  • December 10, 2013 • Jobs and the Economy

    How to Keep Workers Unemployed
    Another 99 weeks of jobless insurance won't create more jobs.
    Wall Street Journal Editorial Board
    Wall Street Journal
    Monday, December 9, 2013

    House-Senate negotiators are close to a modest budget accord to avoid another government shutdown, but suddenly the White House is introducing a last-minute demand. Five years into an economic recovery that President Obama often hails as miraculous, he wants to extend unemployment benefits one more time.


    Some smart states have begun to resist Uncle Sam's not-so-free unemployment benefits and loans. While the feds have financed longer unemployment benefits, states in return have had to agree not to cut recipients' weekly payments. North Carolina, for example, was criticized as heartless for scaling back benefits earlier this year. But by doing so Raleigh avoided a payroll tax hike. Uncle Sam's unemployment extension and loans are a sucker's play for states, much as ObamaCare's Medicaid benefits create new long-term burdens.


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