Governor McCrory Takes Action on Legislation

  • May 8, 2013 • Ethics and Accountability, • Healthcare

    Raleigh, N.C. - Governor Pat McCrory signed the following bills into law today:


    • SB369 (Bingham) - Name Change Requirements for Minors

                A bill that clarifies certain name changes requirements and authorizes a parent to apply for a name change for a minor child without consent of the other parent if the other parent has been convicted of certain criminal offenses against the minor child or a sibling of the minor child. 


    • SB456 (Pate, Bingham, Wade, Hollo, Conrad, Carney and Fulghum) - Designate Primary Stroke Centers

                A bill that requires the Department of Health and Human Services to designate qualified hospitals as primary stroke centers.


    • SB240 (Goolsby) - Develop Rules for Release of Pathological Materials

    ​            A bill that directs the Department of Health and Human Services and the North Carolina Medical Board to develop rules governing requests for and release of pathological materials.


    • SB117 (Gunn, Daniel and Randleman) - Lily's Law

    ​            A bill that codifies the common law that it is murder where a child who is born alive dies as the result of injuries inflicted prior to the child’s birth, and to provide that the act shall be entitled “Lily’s Law.” 


    • SB98 (Brock, Pate, Stein, Fulghum, Hollo, Stam and Horn) - Require Pulse Oximetry Newborn Screening

                 A bill that expands the newborn screening program established by the Department of Health and Human Services to include newborn screening for congenital heart disease utilizing pulse oximetry.


    • HB247 (Burr, Starnes, Avila, McElraft and Meredith) - Freedom to Negotiate Health Care Rates 

                A bill that allows health providers and health insurers to freely negotiate reimbursement rates by prohibiting contract provisions that restrict rate negotiations.